Feeling like a Dandelion

by Diane Bishop

Many of us are unaware of the value of dandelions. Dandelions have the ability to detoxify the body, balance hormones, and provide a healthy dose of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. There are countless agencies that help those in need because they see value of the impoverished persons – they see the value of the dandelion.

Did you know that a dandelion is a flower? It’s true yet they are despised by gardeners and seen as weeds by others. People in need often feel like the dandelion in the garden of life. They are treated differently by society.

Clothing Across America sees the value of the dandelion too. That is why we provide shelters, clothing banks and other non-profits with the tools to help those in need at no cost to them.

We all need a place to live and food to eat to survive – that is a basic need. Clothing is the one thing that can change someone’s life! Appropriate clothing is not only a basic need – it can be a gateway to advancement. Americans spend so much time and money purchasing clothing for special events/activities such as weddings, interviews, school, date nights, and even yoga. We know that we must look the part to fit in. Clothing can provide a person in poverty the opportunity to move forward, fit in and feel better about themselves.

Join us in the journey to restoring hope and dignity.

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It Takes A Super Hero!

Superheroes know the importance of clothing. Where would Superman be without his cape? He can’t even catch the eye of Lois Lane without his blue spandex outfit adorned with the iconic “S” emblem. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles recognized the importance of appearance. Without their masks they are just turtles, (even though they possess super powers) those powers are not recognized without the proper attire.

Perception is reality. Researchers have coined the term “enclothed cognition” to describe the when we wear certain clothing. “Clothes cognition is really about becoming the clothes themselves and having them direct who your are and how you act in the world.” Author Adam Galinsky said. “When we are putting on a suit, we are not only giving an impression to other, we are also giving an impression to ourselves.”

We live in a visually based society. If a person in poverty seeks employment or advancement in their current job without proper attire they may be easily overlooked – even if they possess the necessary skills. Just like our superheroes how we dress makes a difference. Clothing is one of the main things that can help people step out of poverty.

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