Clothing Across America

What we do

Clothing Across America, Inc. is a unique national nonprofit that performs as a conduit between non-profit human service agencies and manufacturers.  We provide brand new clothes and personal care items to nonprofit agencies free of charge. We collaborate with shelters (homeless, abuse victims, veterans, single mothers, and youth), clothing banks/closets, and emergency relief organizations to distribute the new clothing and personal care products.  Often these non-profits don’t have the resources or space to store large amounts of clothing items or to secure clothing from manufacturers.  We carefully vet nonprofit organizations and maintain a long term relationship with them. We walk alongside them to help those in need step out of poverty.

Why Clothing?

While clothing is considered a basic need – it is one of the basic needs that can actually change a life! Clothing empowers people. Being firm believers that clothing speaks volumes about the person, we see the importance of providing the proper tools for people struggling to get ahead in a job or a child just trying to fit in with their classmates. We want to level the playing field by giving people in need the same visual and emotional advantages to step out of poverty.

New clothing has a profound effect on people  Researchers coined the term “enclothed cognition” to describe the mental changes we undergo when we wear certain clothing. “Clothes cognition is really about becoming the clothes themselves and having them direct who you are an how you act in the world,” study author Adam Galinsky said. “When you are putting on a suit, we are not only impressing other people, but we are also giving an impression to ourselves.”

Our Impact

There is nothing like embarking on a journey to help those in need. Clothing Across America reaches out across the country helping those in need by aiding clothing banks, shelters, and emergency relief organizations free of charge. We send brand new merchandise to our affiliates and they distribute those items to people in poverty. We are available for advice as well as act as a conduit to connect non- profits across the nation.

According to the Annie E. Casey Foundation, “Nearly 24 million children have parents without full-time jobs and many others earn too little to help their families flourish.” Many of those families receive help from government entitlements but still can’t afford to purchase clothes for their children. CAA is here to help. Will you take the journey with us to restore hope and dignity one thread at a time?

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